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JR Truck Repair in Dallas TX


JR Truck Repair Service Dallas TX
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J&R Truck Repair Shop

2728 N. Westmoreland Rd. Dallas, TX

RV Repair Dallas TX - JR Truck Repair
Trailer Repair in Dallas TX - JR Truck Repair
Medium Duty Truck Repair Dallas TX

We Can Handle All Your
Truck & Trailer Repair in Dallas, TX needs

JR Truck Repair Service Dallas TX Location
JR Truck Repair Dallas

FLEET SERVICES for Heavy & Medium Duty Trucks and Trailers

*Oil Changes Included

J & R Truck Service is your premier stop for all your truck, diesel truck, and trailer repair needs in Dallas TX. We have a wide range of services that can be offered for many different styles of trucks and fleets.

As a trucker, you play an essential role in keeping the economy moving. If you're having trouble with your truck or trailer, the sooner you can get back on the road, the better it is for everyone. At J&R Truck Service, we specialize in completing heavy-duty truck maintenance and repair services throughout Greater Dallas, Texas. Equipped with the latest technology and highly-trained technicians, we're here to help with any scheduled or emergency heavy truck or trailer repair, service, or maintenance you need. Dallas trailer repairs is also another service we provide.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.

JR - Trailer Repair in Dallas TX

Our Repair Services

Whether you're an individual owner-operator or manage an entire fleet of trucks, rely on us to help keep your trailers moving.

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

J&R Truck Service is here when you need us! If you experience problems on the road, we offer emergency roadside assistance and mobile repairs on qualifying calls for service.


Emergency Roadside Services


If you're driving through the Greater Dallas area, and run into trouble with your heavy-duty truck, semi, or RV, J&R Truck Service provides a wide range of emergency services to ensure your safety. Our emergency roadside services are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. While roadside emergencies are never ideal, our roadside emergency response team arrives quickly to handle the situation accordingly.


Do You Need Emergency Roadside Assistance? Call Us Night Or Day!


Prompt And Professional Services And Repairs


With twenty plus years of experience serving clients in the trucking and transportation industry, we understand the detrimental impact downtime has on your company. At J&R Truck service, we always strive to provide prompt, professional, and complete truck, trailer, and bus repair services.  All of our heavy-duty truck technicians are ASE Certified and authorized to complete repairs on trucks with gasoline or diesel engines. We also work on truck repair in Dallas, trailer repair in Dallas & more. We make maintenance and upkeep a breeze on your tractor-trailers, dump trucks, tour bus, RV, motor homes, and Classes 6 - 8 Heavy Duty Trucks. We know how much you love your vehicles and not only want to keep them running well, but also have them look amazing. For those of you who love flash, we recommend wrapping your trucks, trailers, and RV's  using Wrap Garage.


When you choose us for your heavy-truck repairs, Dallas trailer repair and maintenance, we're happy to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Contact us today to schedule a preferred service time.

Truck Repair Dallas TX
Dallas Truck Repair - JR Truck Repair Service
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