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Mobile Mechanic & Towing Desoto TX. Truck & Trailer Repair!





We Can Handle All Your

Truck & Trailer Repair Needs in Desoto, TX.

Heavy-Duty Truck Services & Roadside Repair Desoto, Texas

At JR Truck Repair Service, we specialize in only one type of vehicle: trucks.  This focus on trucks gives our mechanics exceptional experience with the unique problems that trucks have and allows them to better solve those problems quickly.  If you drive a truck in or near Desoto, Texas, you can't find a better place for your repair needs.


Electronic Services


If you need electronic services for your truck, you can't find a safer option than JR Truck Repair Service of Desoto.  All of our technicians are ASE certified, which means you can be assured that they know all the ins and outs of calibration and circuit board repair.  We also guarantee our services if any problems persist.


Truck Specific Repairs


There is a major difference between cars and trucks and we know it at JR Truck Repair Service of Desoto.  Our technicians can repair trailers, RVs, motor homes, and busses.  You won't find better professional welding services in Desoto for heavy duty vehicles.  We'll repair any size truck you bring in.


Preventative Maintenance


At JR Truck Service Repair, we aren't only here to fix your truck after you have problems, we want to prevent the biggest, and most expensive, repairs from ever being necessary.  Bring you truck to us regularly for oil changes and we'll check it from top to bottom for anything that might cause a potential breakdown.




No matter how careful you are, your truck will eventually break down.  Fear not while in Desoto, Texas.  We offer emergency road calls for trucks of any size.  We'll bring you in, patch you up, and get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Truck Car Park
Our Repair Services

Whether you're an individual owner-operator or manage an entire fleet of trucks, rely on us to help keep your trailers moving.

Our services include:


  • Emergency road service

  • Mobile repairs

  • Bus repair

  • Powertrain diagnostics and repair

  • Trailer repair

  • Air conditioning services

  • Diesel engine repair

  • Oil changes

  • Warranty repairs

  • Tire sales and service

  • Wheel alignments

  • Paint

  • Bodywork

  • Engine repairs

  • Preventative or scheduled maintenance

  • Inspections

  • Transmission services

  • Brake services

  • Electrical diagnostics and repair

  • Welding

  • Customized services

We Service Desoto, TX from Our Dallas Location
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