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At JR Truck Repair Service, we provide electronic diagnosis on all your equipment. This insures continued knowledge of your truck, diesel engine, or RV so we can keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The next time your truck or trailer starts to have issues, bring it to our shop here in Dallas.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


Benefits of Diagnosis


Here are just some of our benefits:


  • Component-level repairs

  • Calibration to manufacturers' standards

  • ASE-certified technicians

  • Repairs of circuit boards and assemblies to the genuine OEM replacement parts

  • Guaranteed services


First, our team will see if there are any trouble codes to scan. Since codes don't tell us what the problem is but merely show that something has been working outside its limits, we'll then use our updated equipment to access the data stored in your vehicle's electronic control system. Once we diagnose the issue, we can give an accurate cost estimate for the necessary repair or replacement job.


You can trust us for everything from transmission and powertrain repairs to engine overhauls to A/C services. If the trouble you encounter leaves you stranded on the road, rest assured that we have 24-hour roadside assistance to take advantage of. Give JR Truck Repair Service a call today at (214) 630-9456

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