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Engine Check

Engine Powertrains

Transmission & Drivetrain

JR Truck Repair Service has been repairing and maintaining trucks, RVs, and trailers since 1996. Our mechanics all have ASE certification. Two of the most important jobs we take on are powertrain diagnosis and repair. The powertrain consists of the engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

Since engine repairs and transmission replacements can be costly, it's best to have these parts inspected while the problems are still minor. We'll first look at the Powertrain Control Module to see if it has thrown us a code.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


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DOT inspections are required for commercial vehicles weighing over 10,001 pounds. Come to us, and we'll check your brakes, lights, tires, and other basic components. We'll see if you meet Hazmat requirements for transporting hazardous materials. Since the state of Texas requires mud flaps on trucks and trailers that have four or more tires in the rearmost axle, we'll be checking for this as well.

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We use skilled technicians and the most updated diagnostic equipment to identify the source of your problem. We will repair it with pride and care for your vehicle in our trusted operated repair facility. Our team can perform engine overhauls and axle alignments, to name just two jobs that might improve the powertrain.


Reach out to us at (214) 630-9456 and speak one-on-one with an experienced technician. No matter where you are in the Dallas area, JR Truck Repair Service is available to tow your vehicle if necessary. 

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

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