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Drybox Trailers

Repair For All Types

We understand that your truck is pivotal to the success of your business' operations and since trucks are our business, J & R Truck Service prides itself on quick, quality repairs to get you back on the road. Let's face it, trucks take a lot of abuse and maintenance of these vehicles is key. Unfortunately, turnaround time on repairs can be ineffective and slow, keeping you and your staff on the sidelines. We can handle all of your dry box trailer needs from any damage that may have been sustained whether it be due to accidents, breakdowns, or just simple refurbishing for an old or used trailer.

Box repairs can range from small fixes to major full-scale replacement. We are equipped to handle replacements of z-posts, side paneling, top radius as well as roofing.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.

Moving Truck

Corner Cap Repair


Corner cap repairs are fairly quick and simple so long as the damage isn't beyond the cap. We will assess the damaged caps and fit new ones onto the trailer. Our team will ensure that the fit is tight and leak tests will be performed.

Roll Up Door Repair

Your roll up door is going to get a lot of use that will require the most maintenance over the lifetime of your truck. We can help keep your truck functional with routine replacements of essential parts like adjustment rollers and door tracks, or we can install a completely new door upon thorough inspection. Call Us Today (214) 630-9456

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

Semi-Truck on Overpass
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