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Engine Work

Truck Maintenance

Preventative Measures

J & R Truck Service offers preventative maintenance services to keep your truck working like new. Every truck needs regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns that could result in costly and inconvenient repairs. Our truck maintenance experts will be happy to inspect all major parts and components of your vehicle, perform the necessary adjustments and inform you of any possible issues that may require attention in the near future.

Trailer repair is another area that we specialize in. Whether your trailer has been damaged in an accident or has a small issue that can be corrected in a few minutes, we can take care of it for you.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


Keep Your Truck In Top Shape


We have a team of certified technicians that have been doing auto maintenance and truck repair Dallas for many years. They can take care of all of your routine maintenance needs. This includes engine checks, oil changes, suspension and steering inspections and a whole lot more. All work is done according to industry best practices and manufacturer standards, ensuring that your truck will work reliably whenever you need it.

We Fix All Truck and Trailer Problems

If you notice any possible defect or performance problem with your truck or trailer, be sure to let our technicians know when you bring your vehicle in for maintenance. Even a small problem can turn into a serious one if left un addressed for too long. As heavy duty truck repair experts, we have the professional equipment and tools to diagnose any potential issue with your truck and fix it on the spot.


Keep the life of your engine long by letting us handle your preventative truck maintenance. Call us before or after it is too late! (214) 630-9456

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

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