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At JR Truck Repair Service, we specialize in providing you with a full range of heavy-duty truck repair services that will keep your rig running safely. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your trucks and trailers in good condition in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex or wherever you may travel.

We service many different types of vans, flatbeds, commercial trailers, refrigerated cars and more. Count on JR Truck Repair to provide preventive fleet maintenance and thorough repairs with quality work that is performed down to the smallest detail.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


Complete Truck and Trailer Alignment Services


Our experienced technicians provide thorough truck alignment services and truck repair services through our state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to inspect your rig's suspension and parts and then perform a computerized alignment that will have your vehicle running smoothly on the highway. Come to our facility for thorough diagnosis and repair of front axle, drive axle and trailer axle alignment, including toe, camber, caster, king pin inclination, turning radius, axle setback, drive axle alignment and offset.

Full Range of Services

Our comprehensive services also include:


  • Complete engine repair

  • Side rail repair or replacement

  • Door replacement

  • Trailer and truck suspension

  • Long pin replacement

  • Electrical diagnostics

  • Heating and air conditioning service

  • Trailer flooring replacement


Resolve your truck and trailer problems today by calling (214) 630-9456

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

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