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Annual Inspections

At JR Truck Repair Service, our technicians will complete your annual inspections, keeping you safe on the road and preventing department shutdowns. If you own a truck or trailer, you'll be required to undergo a DOT inspection. It's also known as a Federal Annual Inspection.

We'll make sure you meet the standards laid down by the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program of the FMCSA. In particular, your commercial vehicle must follow Title 49 in the Code of Federal Regulations.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


The DOT Inspection


DOT inspections are required for commercial vehicles weighing over 10,001 pounds. Come to us, and we'll check your brakes, lights, tires, and other basic components. We'll see if you meet Hazmat requirements for transporting hazardous materials. Since the state of Texas requires mud flaps on trucks and trailers that have four or more tires in the rearmost axle, we'll be checking for this as well.

The Standards

To help you avoid incurring CSA points, we'll fix any vehicle problems. Our mechanics can diagnose the powertrain, weld rents in the trailer, and perform an engine overhaul. We work on many engines, including those from Mack, Ford, Chevrolet, Isuzu, and Detroit Diesel.


Give us a call today, and we will have you back on the road safely. Call Us Today (214) 630-9456

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties

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