RV & Motor Home

Diagnosis/Trouble Shooting & Repair

It's a hassle when you are no longer rolling along, seeing the sights, but rather stuck by the roadside. J & R Truck Service in Dallas, Texas, is ready to help. We are RV and motor home diagnosis and repair specialists. You can call on us from the road or at home for RV service and repair. Our mechanics also provide maintenance service for your motor home.

Most of our customers are primarily those hauling trucks and trailers. However, we've also specialize in RV and motor home repair and maintenance. If you own any one of these vehicle types, give us a call.

We service all the major brands of engines for the vehicles you need.


Customer Dedication


Our professional mechanics will take care of your RV or Motor Home and guarantee to give your vehicle the utmost care and respect. We go over the RV with a fine toothed comb to figure out the problem. Our mechanics also speak with you to determine your needs from a straightforward oil change to an engine overhaul. We will troubleshoot and diagnose your RV and motor home with confidence.

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Don't wait until you make that unscheduled stop somewhere on the highway. You can also get ready for the road with a little preventative maintenance work. Call Us Today (214) 630-9456

We Service Dallas, TX and Surrounding Counties