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Mobile Mechanic & Towing Terrell TX. Truck & Trailer Repair!





We Can Handle All Your

Truck & Trailer Repair Needs in Terrell, TX.

Heavy-Duty Truck Services & Roadside Repair Terrell, Texas

JR Truck Repair Service was founded in 1996 by two mechanics. We are located near the city of Terrell, North East Texas offering many services to truck owners. We also offer roadside assistance, emergencies, and repairs.


We Repair and Service


The professionals at our disposal offer trailer and heavy duty truck repair in Terrell, TX. The professionals also provide the services with honesty, confidence and quality services in line with our main goal of satisfying customer needs and delivering quality service to the community.


Confidence In Your Truck


Our personnel will offer very effective maintenance services that will increase your confidence in the truck. Unnecessary breakdowns and expenses are eliminated. Maintenance is through the checking of Over's and the changing of the engine oil.


Truck Broken Down?


We will reach you at whatever place your truck breaks down through our mobile system of repair. The service is offered on a 24/7 basis at a very reasonable cost. We are well known for our un-costly repairs that are equally effective.


Understand Your Truck


We will diagnose your truck using the state of the art electronic equipment. The complete knowledge of your truck will help you to run it smoothly.




The 24/7 service will take care of your emergencies by handling your emergency road calls. We offer the services to truck owners in Terrell. We will do the rescue as well as repair your truck to its previous state.

Truck Car Park
Our Repair Services

Whether you're an individual owner-operator or manage an entire fleet of trucks, rely on us to help keep your trailers moving.

Our services include:


  • Emergency road service

  • Mobile repairs

  • Bus repair

  • Powertrain diagnostics and repair

  • Trailer repair

  • Air conditioning services

  • Diesel engine repair

  • Oil changes

  • Warranty repairs

  • Tire sales and service

  • Wheel alignments

  • Paint

  • Bodywork

  • Engine repairs

  • Preventative or scheduled maintenance

  • Inspections

  • Transmission services

  • Brake services

  • Electrical diagnostics and repair

  • Welding

  • Customized services

We Service Terrell, TX from Our Dallas Location
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