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What Is The Difference Between Flatbed And Trailer?

Do you need to transport heavy or oversized cargo across Texas or beyond? Picking the best type of trailer for the journey is of utmost importance. Deciding between a flatbed's limitless possibilities and an enclosed trailer's protective confines is critical to a safe, secure, and successful haul.

Flatbed Trailers: The Open Road Warriors

Flatbed trailers offer flexibility to transport more cumbersome or oversized cargo and are ideal for goods that don't fit neatly in the confines of an enclosed space.

Think of large machinery, construction materials, or wind turbine blades. The open nature of flatbed trailers ensures that loading and unloading are straightforward, with accessibility from all sides. But keep in mind the open nature of flatbed trailers leaves cargo exposed to the elements and requires secure tie-downs to keep everything in place.

Enclosed Trailers: The Keepers of Secrets

On the flip side, enclosed trailers, often called dry vans, are the Fort Knox of the road. They offer protection from weather conditions and prying eyes. Whether moving electronics or furniture, enclosed trailers provide privacy, safety, and security. 

With fixed dimensions, there are limitations to items that fit within the cargo area. These trailers offer rear-door-only access.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding on a flatbed or an enclosed trailer often depends on your priorities and your cargo. A flatbed trailer is ideal for transporting oversized or oddly shaped goods or requiring flexibility to load or unload without barriers. 

Choosing an enclosed trailer is better if you have a shipment requiring privacy and protection. Learn more about how your decision can impact the success of your freight shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can flatbed trailers transport any cargo? 

A: Flatbeds are versatile and best suited for oversized or irregularly shaped items that require easy access for removal by hand or machinery, including cranes, forklifts, loaders, hoists, and winches.

Q: How do I secure my load on a flatbed? 

A: Securing cargo on a flatbed requires specialized equipment, including durable straps and strong chains, to ensure safe travels for all motorists. Adding tarps to cover these items can offer some protection and privacy.

Q: Can I transport vehicles using a flatbed or enclosed trailer? 

A: You can use either a flatbed or enclosed trailer to transport vehicles. If shipping high-value or classic cars, enclosed trailers offer more protection and privacy during the transfer.

Choosing the best truck service is not just a logistical decision; it's about ensuring the safety and integrity of your cargo on the open roads of Texas. Whether it's a flatbed's freedom or an enclosed trailer's security, the right choice ensures that your load arrives just as it left - safe and sound.


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